Rescue Courses


Transition from Belayed Rappel to Hauling System

Rescue I

What do you do when you are cragging and the lead climber you are belaying falls, gets hurt, but there is not enough rope to lower him/her to the ground?  What do you do when you are multi-pitch climbing and your second cannot climb a difficult sequence?  What do you do on a belay ledge 300 feet off of the ground with four climbing friends when a large electric storm develops rapidly overhead?

This class is for climbers to learn or improve their self-rescue skills.  The class will progress logically from learning individual skill components, understanding each skills' utility, and then applying new skills properly in novel situations.

This is a hands-on course.  You will not be lectured to endlessly, but instead asked to demonstrate the application of relevant skills. Skills covered will be

  • when and how to escape belays from above and below
  • when and how to use 3, 5, and 7:1 hauling systems
  • when and how to lower using various systems including knot passes
  • when and how to use second and leader rescue skills

Granite Arches recommends two days for this course.

GACG -159

Transition from Direct Belay to Lowering System

Rescue II

Prerequisites: Rescue I or similar experience

For the climber that possesses the rescue skills requisite to basic self-rescue (above), this course will provide a chance to integrate the planning and execution of rescues in various common situations.  Emphasis will be placed on situation analysis leading to an efficient rescue plan, as well as the execution of rescue techniques.