North Carolina Alpine/Mountaineering Course

North Carolina Alpine Climbing

Back Country Ice Climbing, North Carolina

Granite Arches is pleased to offer alpine style climbing classes and summit bids right here in the mountains of North Carolina as both pre-scheduled trips and ongoing privately guided classes.  Further from home, we offer trips to exotic climbing locations.

In North Carolina, our Alpine Climbing Course is  2 days, and involves back-country camping and ascents of long snow and ice routes deep in the Appalachian mountains.  This is excellent training for other alpine ascents in other parts of the world.  Topics typically covered include clothing selection and usage, alpine equipment selection, alpine campcraft,  cooking, packcraft, glacier/alpine roped travel, ice climbing techniques, with focus on German technique, ice/snow protection, snow travel and protection.


We have scheduled a group trip February 3rd and 4th,  2018.

You can also schedule your own course anytime using the link below.