Moore's Wall Rock Climbing (Hanging Rock)

Moore's Wall


Just south of the eastern Blue Ridge chain proper, Moore's Wall is a steep granite face with varied terrain that faces both North, West, and South.  Boasting a great array of climbing routes, and multi-pitch (long) terrain, Moore's Wall has a great balance of climbing routes to satisfy climbers of all experience levels.   Moore's Wall is the name of the main North facing feature at Moore's Wall where the majority of the popular routes are located.


Moore's Wall rises abruptly from the piedmont just miles away from Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte North Carolina in north-central North Carolina.

Climbing Season:

Most of the rock at Moore's Wall is north facing so it remains relatively cold when compared to the surrounding area.  The best time to climb Moore's Wall is late Spring through early Fall.

  • Zoo View (5.7-5.8).  Fantastic, steep, multi-pitch climbing on pristing white granite.  Does not get better.
  • Air Show (5.7-5.8).  Similar to Zoo View, another super classic steep romp.  A world class climb at the grade of difficulty.
  • Do it or Dive (5.10).  Single pitch face climb.  Subtle and sublime.
  • Quaker State (5.11).  A touch steeper and harder than Do it or Dive.  A must do if you climb at the grade.
  • Many more . . .
What We Offer:

Granite Arches offers professional rock climbing guiding and instruction year-round at the Moore's Wall.  Granite Arches offers private guided instruction only, so you or your group will not be with any other climbers.    Our 'courses' are not set in stone, because our instruction is private and custom tailored to each client.  Instead, instructional goals of varying levels are integrated into "focus areas" to be seamlessly woven into your climbing day at the crags.  The focus areas covered by you and your guide are determined by your technical skill and practical knowledge and follow a natural progression.

Our Credentials:

Our climbing guides are  professionals who have climbed and guided rock, snow and ice allover the Southeastern US., but also in South America, Greenland, Europe, and Canada. They bring that experience to your rock climbing adventure.