Testimonials of Recent Clients

Both days were awesome.  [The first location] was as fun as I expected, did stuff ranging from thin faces to moderately steep.  [Day two] was also a blast; minimal crack climbing in Hong Kong, so always fun to get in some jamming.    Scott and Wesley were both great as well -- made an effort to ensure each day was worthwhile.  Got in eighteen routes over two days, all of them pretty cool.
Bryan B.

Things went great. [He] was a fantastic guide and we all really enjoyed it. Foster falls was a perfect spot for beginners and we learned a lot. 

Brian H.

I got just what I needed.  Daniel introduced me to easy routes I’d never climbed and we went through top rope set up techniques numerous times.  I enjoyed his company and I look forward to hearing about his first born when he/she arrives.

Jesse O.



It went great.  Last time we went, I had 20+ boys . . .  Scott was one of the three on that trip.  That trip was good, but this time was even better.  Probably because of the smaller group.  Scott is excellent, taking time to teach when the boys wanted to learn, but not getting bogged down in instruction so the boys got to do what they came for... climbing!  Scott set up at least 7 different routes (that I can remember).  Again, we had a wonderful time and will definitely be asking for Scott on our next trip.

Billy T.

Scott has done a great job showing me the skills that I need to better my climbing experience. I have enjoyed working with Scott over the past few years. I want to thank Scott for a job well done. He takes the time to go over the plan to meet the lesson I was after to make me better and feel more confident with the skills I have. He covers the subject at hand in a very professional manner. I looking forward to working with you all again hopefully soon.

John L.

Even though I have not got the chance work or meet you in person the staff support you have provided over the years has been the nothing but the best.  Just want to thank you and your Staff.


We had a fantastic climb!  Daniel was great, as always . . . We discussed next climbs, possibly Moores Wall in August / September.
Thanks as always for orchestrating.
Charlie N
Good morning. I wanted to thank you again for the excellent climbing experience last week. I had such a great time! I will post a review to your site or google soon. 
Thanks again for everything. 
Caroline S.

I don't even know where to start. Scott was a phenomenal guide! My experience climbing with him yesterday was far beyond my expectations. He did a really good job refreshing me on how to tie the knots, belaying technique, repelling technique, etc. He encouraged and helped me climb some of the harder routes where we were at and I even heard a few people saying to their friends "I don't think I could do that!" Hahaha! But it was just such a great experience. And we lucked out on beautiful weather, too. Anyways, I can definitely say it's not my last time climbing with you guys. I feel like Scott gave me a great base understanding for trad climbing and I'm already excited to get back on the rocks again!

Ryan S.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for such a wonderful experience I was able to share climbing with my son and Daniel on April 14th! All the logistics with the website, my phone call with you, and coordinating the day with Daniel went smoothly. And the experience of climbing with Daniel was phenomenal...I found him to be an excellent instructor with a way to communicate things in a supportive and encouraging way and in allowing my son and I to experience so much in regards to climbing, belaying, repelling, etc...again, a great overall experience and wanted to make sure to let you know.

Many thanks and we look forward to a return visit soon.

Steve B.

Both James and I had a great day and appreciate you running around to try and get as many climbs as possible since we had to leave a little early. Great father and son day and we both enjoyed your company, patience and teaching us as we went. I will be in touch soon on our next trip. Thanks again!

Jim B.

Big fun climb on Looking Glass Rock with Daniel. Wonderful guide! Five stars. Thanks.

Michael S,

I had a great time with Daniel. We got along very well, and he is super knowledgeable . . .  My main goal was to get my hands on more gear, so I really enjoyed being able to clean the route on my way up to him. It's the little things . . .I want to give him a huge thumbs up and would love to work with him again. He kept me in line with the order of things I'm not very familiar with, and he took some time to go over knots and rope management in our down time. Overall, I had a good time!

Ashley L.